Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Portable Basketball System with 44" Acrylic Fusion Backboard

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Product Description

Enjoy years of recreational basketball fun in your backyard with this Lifetime Pro Cloister Carriageable Basketball Arrangement (model 1269). It appearance a Pro Cloister base--which can be abounding with beach or baptize for weighting--and a 44-inch athletic acrylic admixture backboard, giving you the aplomb to go up able after abhorrence of breaking it. The backboard aswell offers screen-printed cartoon with UV-protected inks, and fade-resistant color. The archetypal rim comes with a nylon net. The three-piece, 2.75-inch annular telescoping pole joins the solid abject and backboard, and it adjusts from 7.5 anxiety to 10 anxiety in 6-inch increments.

Lifetime's 1269 Carriageable Basketball Arrangement will acclimatize from 7.5 to 10 anxiety alpine in six-inch increments.
Carriageable basketball systems depend on a abject abounding with beach or baptize for stability. Although it will yield up added amplitude than an in-ground system, the carriageable abject rolls on wheels, acceptance players to position the basketball arrangement in the adapted area (and aswell acceptance accumulator in a garage). Simply assemble, ample the base, and brilliant cutting some hoops. There is no fussing with concrete.

Key Features:

  • Break-resistant acrylic arena apparent
  • High-impact, molded polyethylene anatomy
  • Fade-resistant cartoon
  • Classic rim with anchored animate net hooks
  • Nylon net included
  • Telescoping acme acclimation allows you to acclimatize from 7.5 to 10 anxiety in 6-inch increments
  • No accoutrement appropriate for accumulation
  • Powder coated rust-resistant accomplishment
  • 27-gallon carriageable abject
  • Fills with beach or baptize
  • Rolls to adapted area Basketball Arrangement Buying Guide
With the high-quality architecture of abounding carriageable basketball systems, axis your driveway into a basketball cloister can be as simple as hooking up your garden hose. But while a carriageable arrangement may ultimately be your best choice, there are affidavit you may wish to accede an in-ground or wall-mount arrangement afore you decide.

In-Ground Systems
In-ground systems are assuredly anchored into the ground--either via a bolt ascent kit or anon into the ground--and are about added adamant and yield up beneath amplitude than portables. In-ground systems about crave that you appoint a able to complete the task, but if the adhesive dries you'll accept a bandage that can yield backbreaking dunks with ease.

Abounding in-ground systems are height-adjustable, cover disposable column appearance that let you yield the arrangement down for off-season storage, and affection able break-away rims. You'll aswell wish to analysis the adjustable mechanisms on the systems, as there are several types to accept from. Some affection a counter-balance bounce that lets you accomplish easy, one-hand adjustments while others may affection a sturdy, aeriform system.

Wall-Mount Systems
Wall-mount systems can be army to the ancillary of a house, a alpine application wall, or a garage. About sturdier than portables, wall-mounts accept the added advantage of optimizing your absolute arena amplitude for the court, aback you will not yield any amplitude up with the abject or pole. Not all systems cover the all-important hardware, so accomplish assertive you add a ascent kit to your list.

Portable Systems
Portable systems crave basal accession and activity ultimate convenience. These systems about affection a abject that can be abounding with beach or baptize to balance them and cover auto for portability. Although they are not as athletic as in-ground or wall-mounted hoops, portables are simple to set up and can about be bankrupt for acceptable storage.

Backboard Considerations
Regardless of which arrangement you choose, you'll wish to besom up on Backboards 101. A lot of residential systems affection backboards fabricated of acrylic, fiberglass, graphite, or assorted added blended materials. While bright acrylic gives the able attending and feel of glass, it is not as adamant as fiberglass or graphite. Some systems may activity animate or aluminum backboards, which are around defacer resistant, but don't activity the accurate airy action.

The acclimation admeasurement of an NBA backboard is 72 inches advanced and 42 inches high. A lot of carriageable hoops are 42 or 44 inches advanced and 36 inches tall. In-ground systems tend to be a bit larger, with 54-inch and 60-inch widths getting the a lot of popular. While ellipsoidal shaped backboards accommodate added coffer attempt opportunities, they are about added big-ticket than the automated fan-shaped board.

Lifetime Pro Cloister Carriageable Basketball System, gives you a 44" Acrylic Admixture Backboard for above backbone and durability. The pro bottle attending aback lath offers screen-printed cartoon with UV-Protected Inks, and Fade-Resistant Color. Standard atramentous 3 piece, 2.75" Annular telescoping pole arrangement offers 6 inch acclimation increments. Archetypal Rim with nylon net has you accessible to play. Just fill-up the abject and your accessible to play - no adhesive to delay for. Lifetime Customer Care @ 1-800-225-3865 (or)

  • Portable basketball system requires no cement--just fill up the base and play
  • 44-inch sturdy acrylic backboard with screen-printed graphics
  • Clear playing surface with a high-impact polyethylene frame, giving your board a superior strength and a pro-glass look
  • Telescoping pole adjusts from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6-inch increments; no tool required
  • Black standard Classic Rim made with welded-steel net hooks and nylon net included

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